South into North works with public and private clients advising, curating and facilitating the production of ambitious art projects.

South into North is a curatorial and art-advisory agency specialized in contemporary art. We work with public and private clients, as well as with not-for-profit art institutions, focusing on the development and production of art commissions. Drawing on our international network and wide expertise we bring together the individuals and resources to produce outstanding contemporary art projects. South into North was founded in Copenhagen in 2013, by curators Francesca Astesani and Julia Rodrigues.


South into North’s main focus is the strategic development of art commissions. We take the commissioning process to be a way of thoroughly engaging and exploring a given situation, be it primarily physical, theoretical - or both, through the means of art production. We use art as a resource for knowledge production and support an interdisciplinary approach that encourages a dialogue between the arts and different fields of expertise.

A fundamental part of place-making, art plays a great role in the shaping of future urban spaces and communities. Public art is much more than decoration of commonly used spaces: when a meaningful exchange between artistic practice and a given context is encouraged, art has the potential to inspire and unfold unique experiences, to provide fresh tools to interpret our surroundings and to create a sense of community.