Image courtesy Katherine Du Tiel

Wu Tsang Presents Moved by The Motion

Wu Tsang

SF MoMA,  2023 

San Francisco

ABOUT THE PROJECT                                             

For SF MOMA, artist Wu Tsang created an experimental sound-installation exploring the concept of the B-side, in collaboration with the interdisciplinary artist group Moved by the Motion. In the show, Tsang weaved aesthetic performances with political activism by posing the question “Whose voices are heard, whose are silenced?”- interrogations equally important to social justice as to artistic expression. The sound collage consisted of fragments of spoken word poetry, minor compositions, rehearsals, and improvisatory moments. This multisensory exhibition was supported by Kvadrat with the Drops Acoustic curtain textile by Patricia Urquiola for the major installation in the New Work Gallery.

South into North served as strategic advisors in collaboration with Kvadrat

South into North served as strategic advisors on this project

 Strategic advising

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