Image courtesy SF MoMA

Sitting on Chrome

Mario Ayala, Rafa Esparza, and Guadalupe Rosales


San Francisco, 2023

The collaborative Exhibition Sitting on Chrome by artists Mario Ayala, Rafa Esparza, and Guadalupe Rosales explores the influence on lowrider car culture in collective identities and public spaces. The gallery has been transformed, in collaboration with Kvadrat, by incorporating Sahco’s upholstery textiles Balboa, Cuba and Avalon 2. The newly commissioned mural, sculptures, and upholstered interiors evokes sensations of cruising and exploration, and in orchestration with various artistic mediums, such as paintings, sculptures, photographs, and a sound installation, the exhibition creates a multi-sensory immersive space of lowrider aesthetics. The exhibition meditates on the community practices, and the profound themes of memory, queer experiences, identity, and the development of relations between humanity and technology.

South into North served as strategic advisors on this project in collaboration with Kvadrat

 Strategic advising

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