Image courtesy Thomas Gunnar Bagge

Qaf Runddel

Samara Sallam

Kunsthal 44Møen,

Denmark 2023 

ABOUT THE PROJECT                                             

The exhibiton Qaf Runddel by Copenhagen-based, Palestinian artist Samara Sallam, is a total installation made for Kunsthal 44Moen’s old forge. On a wooden path, the spectator meets the dimly lit body of a magical creature shaped but hand-blown spheres of transparent glass. Placed in the old metal workshop, the spheres are cut in half, and the creature is only fully visible on the threshold between both rooms. The title Quaf Runddel refers to both the legendary mountain, where, in Sufi’s cosmology, the spiritual and natural world meets, creating connections between heaven and earth. The road to Qaf represents the pilgrimage through spiritual states. A ‘Runddel’, Danish for roundabout, is a rational element in urban planning, a circle, challenging the linear paths of modern urban landscapes. Through her studies in hypnosis, Sallam has cultivated an interest and exploration of our different levels of consciousness and the blurring of the binary separation between body and mind. The creation of the sculpture has been in collaboration with artist Per-René Larsen solely for this exhibition.

South into North curated the project


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