Goshka Macuga

To the son of the man who ate the scroll

Fondazione Prada, Milan
February 4 - June 19, 2016

South into North’s role in this project is part of our work consulting Kvadrat on their collaborations with artists and art institutions internationally.

To the Son of Man Who Ate the Scroll, developed by Goshka Macuga for Fondazione Prada’s spaces in Milan, brought together reflections on seminal issues such as time, beginnings and endings, collapse and renewal. Observing humanity’s concern with the conclusion of mankind, Macuga poses a fundamental question: how important is it to address the question of “the end” in the context of contemporary art practice? Macuga’s exhibition was the culmination of a lengthy period of in-depth research attempting to formulate a methodological categorization of material and information around such topics. The artist looked at the art of rhetoric and artificial memory as intricately linked tools for the organization and advancement of knowledge. For the exhibition Macuga created the new work ‘Negotiation sites’ after Saburo Murakami, in collaboration with Kvadrat.