Pomme de Terre


Kulttuurisauna, Helsinki

In the summer of 2014, South into North participated to Pomme de Terre, an experimental art workshop initiated and organised by Malene Ratcliffe. The one-week long workshop brought together four art students with a group two artists, an architect, a designer and a curator in a experimental learning environment, taking place in a sauna in Helsinki. The workshop was supported by HIAP, which provided the living quarters. The unconventional’s school motto was:

Pomme de Terre is not a school yet it is a platform for learning. Pomme de Terre is a fruit describing a vegetable. Here, the rhythm of each media is amplified to a new music. Knowledge is now an extension of us, as the axe once was our extension to cut with

Science / Philosophies / System Materials / Architecture / Design / Art / Politics / Economy / Local / Global / Technology / History / a battle of hierarchies / Food / Space / Scale / Color / Form / Generations / Accumulation / Rhythm / Accident

The core isn’t as valuable as the periphery that defines it.

Malene Ratcliffe (Den Frie, Copenhagen), Tuomas Toivonen and Nene Tsuboi (Kulttuurisauna, Helsinki), FOS, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Francesca Astesani (South into North).


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