Image courtesy New Museum, New York


Kapwani Kiwanga

New Museum,

New York, 2022

Canadian artist Kipwani Kiwangas show Off-Grid at the New Museum in New York is an investigation into the complex regimes of visibility and the designs in which things become visible. Kiwanga evokes vision of Covid-19 where cultural institutions were forced to close, and ideas of not-so-distant futures, where cultural institutions and societies will operate in more limited spaces of power. The central work in the exhibition is a metallic veil sprayed with aluminium dust, ground from melted floodlights. It works in conjunction with a large wall work, that serves as both screen and reflective surface, sprayed with the same material, the work furthers Kiwangas exploration of the revelation of political and social content hidden in the materials of our society. The work is one in a line of multiple collaborations between the artist and Kvadrat.

South into North served as strategic advisors on this project in collaboration with Kvadrat

 Strategic advising

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