Image courtesy Thomas Gunnar Bagge

Mosquito Revenge

Vivian Caccuri

Kunsthal 44Møen, Denmark, 2022


ABOUT THE PROJECT                                             

Mosquito Revenge was the first exhibition in Denmark by Brasilian artist Vivian Caccuri. Through her multimedia exhibition, the artist reframes the history of European colonization of the "new world" with the image of mosquitoes as paramilitary forces. The narrative highlights the impact of artificial structures, poorly planned dams, sugar plantations, and slavery on the delicate balance of tropical nature. Consequently, the catastrophic outcome leads to the ubiquitous and deadly presence of mosquitoes. This project stems from Vivian Caccuri's fascination with medical histories, particularly eighteenth-century disease records in the Western Hemisphere. It extends her practice, emphasizing sensory perceptions, specifically sound, in its physical, social, historical, and political dimensions. Curated by Julia Rodrigues

South into North curated the project


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