Image courtesy Thomas Gunnar Bagge

Loving Eyes

Kåre Frang

Kunsthal 44Møen,

Denmark 2021

ABOUT THE PROJECT                                             

Loving eyes was a site-specific installation made for Kunsthal 44Møns old metal-forge by Kåre Frang.  The work explorted the artist’s fascination with the quotidian and the fragility of its structures. The installation takes the form of an every-day interior of ochre walls, wooden floors, and toys scattered around the floor. However, by closer inspection, these ordinary objects are not what they seem, being all made of different materials than what to be expected. This material ‘shock’ of materiality pushes the spectator towards the fragility of our expectations and social structures. The work confronts the public with their own feelings of instability and imbalance, and reflects on how how these emotions shape the daily spaces we move through.  The exhibition is curated by Julia Rodrigues and made possible with support by Det Obelske Familiefond, Vordingborg Kommune and Kunstrådet.


South into North curated this project


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