Image courtesy Bertrand Provost

Le grand atlas de la désorientation

Tatiana Trouvé

Centre Pompidou,

Paris, 2022

At Centre Pompidou, Tatiana Trouvé developed a vast and ambitious body of work in which drawing and sculpture intertwined in a permanent two-way movement. Her work in three-dimensional space proceeds from an invention of locations to (re)occupy, while her essentially two-dimensional graphical production gives rise, like so many stages, to fragmentary arrangements of architectural, landscape and furniture elements that are reminiscent of dream work and its mechanisms. The artist thus weaves a "memory art", based not on a memorisation technique, as in Antiquity or the Renaissance, but rather on playing with forgetting, leaving memory (lived or induced, flashback or illusive déjà-vu) full scope for imprecision. 

South into North served as strategic advisors on this project in collaboration with Kvadrat

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