Image courtesy Thomas Gunnar Bagge

Headstones Undead Engines

Birk Horst

Kunsthal 44Møen, Denmark 2023 

ABOUT THE PROJECT                                             

"Headstones Undead Engines" is a site-specific installation by Danish artist Birk Host at Kunsthal 44Møen’s old forge, inspired by Møn's burial mounds. The exhibition delves into themes of death, memory, rituals, and their symbols. Through sculptures, 3D-animation, sound, and text, Horst explores these themes with humor, thoughtfulness, and absurdism. The burial mounds in Horst's work quickly transform into degradable structures, embodying various materials and surfaces. The digital narratives depict sci-fi-like stories of birth, existential crisis, and re-circulation, all while searching for a higher purpose. Curated by Julia Rodrigues.

SiN ROLE: Curating

South into North curated the project


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