Image Courtesy Petra Kleis 

Fat Mod

Ursula Reuter Christiansen 

Copenhagen, 2021


Fat Mod is a collaboration among Danish artist Ursula Reuther Christiansen, graphic designer Rasmus Koch, and designer Mads Nørgaard for International Women's Day 2023. The collection, featuring poppy-printed dresses and blouses, launched at Nørgaard paa Strøget, accompanied by an event on March 8th. The event included readings and debates by prominent Danish women writers, such as Jessie Kleeman, Sabitha Söderholm, Fie Martens Ljungmann, and others. The poppy, a recurring theme in Christiansen’s work, symbolizes violence in patriarchal societies and, simultaneously, resurrection, resistance, and new desires. The clothes, printed and sewn in Copenhagen, bear printed text from Christiansen's film "Skarpretteren" (The Executioner) from 1971. The text reads, ‘Fat Mod. Det næste store øjeblik i historien tilhører os!’ (Have Courage, the next moment in history is ours). The collection had a limited release, with all profits supporting the Danish charity Danner, dedicated to fostering respect, equality, and equal opportunities between genders.

South into North worked as strategic advisors and with production on the project

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