Image courtesy New Museum, New York

Black Sun

Mire Lee

New Museum,

New York, 2022

Black Sun by Korean artist Mire Lee is part of an ongoing collaboration between Kvadrat and the New Museum in New York to promote new productions of emerging artists. Black Sun is Lee’s first solo-exhibition in America and is a total-installation taking over the museums’ fourth floor with an architectonic landscape of animatronic sculptures that operate both like living organisms and biological machines. Lee’s sculptures exist as impenetrable entities, conveying a sense of environmental decay, emotional voids, and psychological tensions, playing on emotional states such as desire, revulsion, anxiety, and tenderness. The installation is made in collaboration with Kvadrat, and the animatronics consist of Sahco’s Cocoon and Kvadrat’s Apparel textiles, dripping in liquid clay, cut, and shaped into bodily shapes and organisms, helping merge the organic and the inorganic.

South into North served as strategic advisors on this project in collaboration with Kvadrat

 Strategic advising

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